Here are some testimonials from people who have used my voiceover services on their projects…

“With a tight turnaround and a key role to play to in our feature film for Channel 4, Kevin delivered an outstanding voiceover. He took direction incredibly well and provided us with a range of takes to work with in the edit. What’s more, the authenticity of Kevin’s American accent is yet to be questioned, and the film has now been seen all over the USA. Thanks Kevin.”
Matt Croker – www.levelfilms.co.uk

“I’ve used Kevin a few times now and he’s always a pleasure to work with. It’s so handy that he has his own recording set-up as he can turnaround a voiceover quickly and he’s always willing to do amends and hone his VO down if he didn’t get it the first time round (but he usually does). Kevin has a wide range of voices and accents so he’s always the first person I call.”
Richard Gladman – www.richardgladman.co.uk

“I had the pleasure of working with Kevin recently. He’s an unassuming guy but as soon as he’s in the booth great things happen. He knows exactly how to ‘do it’.”
Graeme Mackenzie – Pacific Audio – www.pacificaudio.co.uk

“Working with Kevin was an absolute pleasure. He is a hard working and talented voice actor. He is good at taking and working with direction, and is always willing to put in the extra effort to develop a character’s voice. He is also very good at character foley work which is something that is required in the games industry.
Sandy Lobban – Noise Me Up – www.noisemeup.com